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FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster - Binaural Beats APK

FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster - Binaural Beats APK

FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster - Binaural Beats APK
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This app is presented to you by FactTechz.

Ultimate Brain Booster is a collection of binary beats that are a type of calming music that can help you calm your mind. With the help of this app you can:

-Relax and calm your mind with relaxation music.

- Perform your study sessions with cool study music.

-Compose peacefully with meditation music.

-very much..

There are 5 types of beanural beats and these are its main features:

Delta Waves: Sleep
Theta Waves: Deep Meditation
Alpha Waves: Relaxation
Beta Waves: Concentration and Cognition
Gamma Waves: Intelligence and Memory

You do not have to worry about the frequency settings and technical section because we have arranged beanural beats according to their effects on the human brain.

The science of beanural beat is really simple. One sound frequency in one ear, and another sound frequency in the opposite ear, produces a two-tone effect in the middle brain that is actually considered a tone. It causes an "entrance" effect in the brain that has a variety of consequences, including relaxation, nervousness, memory recall, increased intelligence (long-term), etc.

Some official scientific research on beanural beats are as follows:

Special Note: Always wear earphones or headphones to enjoy the highest effectiveness.

general question:

Q1. How should I pose while listening to these tracks? And volume

Answer: You can just do your work (any work) and listen to these beats together. But if you are seated in one place and hear it in 'Dhyana Mudra', it will increase its effectiveness. This applies to all music.

70% quantity.

Q2. What is the time limit per day?

Answer: You can listen to any beat for 10 minutes. 10 minutes is actually more than enough for each class of music. But if you have free time, you can listen to a beat 3 times in a row. There is a normal 30-minute limit. You should not listen to each beat for more than 3 consecutive times i.e. 10 × 3 = 30 minutes.

Q3. Can I listen to all the beats one by one?

Answer: If you like, you can listen to other music after 1 hour after listening to any music. There may be a 1 hour gap between each track. This is because your brain should have enough time to process each beat effectively.

Q4. What is the best time to listen to these tracks?

Ans: Anytime! You can listen to these tracks anytime, anywhere. But as is the fact, the morning is the best time to listen to the beanural beats. Morning is a divine time, so you will be able to connect yourself more spiritually.

Q.5 How long will it take to feel the results?

Ans: It depends! Everyone's brain structure is different. But if you listen to any music for 10 minutes (according to your goal) every day without any skip day, then you should start feeling the result after 3 to 4 weeks.

Q6. I am a student, which is best for me?

Answer: Study music is specially made for students and if you are a student then you should listen to it. During the wee hours of the night, you can listen to relaxing music to relax your mind so that your brain works in its best way the next day.

Purchase the Ultimate Mind Booster and provide us with your feedback in the Feedback section!

Wish you a happy and healthy life.


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